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Inspired and guided by specialist experts, build your personalised tour with just a few clicks on a single platform. Destination, accommodation, activities, services…
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Henri Bal hiker, volunteer on the Manche committee

I invite you to a journey between land and sea. Granville, from the upper town to the semaphore, off the Chausey islands changing at daytime; in the distance Cape Frehel; the statue of the corsair Georges-René Le Pelley de Pléville, called "the Corsair with the wooden leg". Pontaubault and its historic bridge where General George Patton succeeded in getting three American divisions in three days. Today, it is on this bridge that one assists peacefully, during the great tides, to the bore. Finally, landscapes shaped by history, with fine sand dunes where some race horses are still trained, salted meadows (breeding of sheep), polders

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