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Cloisters and Courtyard Garden of Dominican monastery Couvent des Jacobins in Toulouse, France. ©Elenathewise/iStock

Jacobin Convent in Toulouse

France, Haute-Garonne (31), Toulouse, quartier Saint Cyprien, église Saint-Nicolas et les Jacobins, vue générale ©J. Sierpinski/hemis.fr

Capitole de Toulouse at evening. Toulouse, Occitanie, France. ©benkrut/iStock

Capitole de Toulouse at evening

Basilica of St. Sernin in Toulouse, France ©Leonid Andronov/iStock

Basilica of St. Sernin in Toulouse, France

France, Haute-Garonne (31), Toulouse, la Halle aux Grains ©F. Guiziou/hemis.fr

France, Haute-Garonne (31), Toulouse, la Halle aux Grains

Capitole de Toulouse, France ©Rostislavv/Fotosearch LBRF/age fotostock

ESY-031081980 - © - Rostislavv

France, Haute-Garonne (31), Toulouse, musée des Augustins, salon rouge ©J.-M. Barrère/hemis.fr

France, Haute-Garonne (31), Toulouse, musée des Augustins, salon rouge

France, Haute-Garonne (31), Toulouse, marché des Carmes ©J.-M. Barrère/hemis.fr

France, Haute-Garonne (31), Toulouse, marché des Carmes

France, Haute-Garonne (31), Toulouse, classée Grands Sites de Midi-Pyrénées, musée Saint-Raymond, bustes de la galerie des empereurs ©A. Spani/hemis.fr


A three-day weekend in Toulouse

Discovering the Ville Rose

  • Culture & Heritage
  • City Break

‘Rose at dawn, mauve in the sun, red at dusk’, welcome to Toulouse for a long three-day weekend. You will find beautiful Renaissance courtyards filled with flowers and beautiful houses hidden behind hefty doors. From the Romanesque sculptures of the Augustins to the contemporary art of Abattoirs, Toulouse is blessed with first-class museums. As for the foodies, they will also have plenty to enjoy, from foie gras to truffles, duck and cassoulet.

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Customize your trip

Toulouse Toulouse

Day 1 - Toulouse

For your first day in Toulouse, treat yourself to a good breakfast in Place du Capitole. Early morning, there are few people around and the square belongs to you! The magnificent Basilica Saint-Sernin awaits at the end of the Rue du Taur. Archeology enthusiasts should visit the Museum Saint-Raymond, just next door.
From Place du Capitole and Rue d’Alsace-Lorraine, head to the Victor-Hugo market. Choose one of the restaurants located on the market floor to enjoy good fresh produce.
Head back to Place Wilson for some shopping along Rue d’Alsace-Lorraine on the way to the Museum des Augustins. Next, head back to Capitole via the very busy Rue St-Rome. Enter the keep and go up to the Capitole rooms to enjoy beautiful views.
In the evening you can take in a show at Halle aux Grains, TNT or the Théâtre du Capitole and dine in one of the Toulouse’s great restaurants.
MyTripTailor Advice: the So Toulouse tourist pass provides free public transport across the Tisséo network.

  • Distance : 9,8 km
  • Duration : 0h47

Day 2 - Toulouse

Begin with a trip to the Carmes market. From Rue Ozenne, join the Allées Jules-Guesde. Visit the Museum and Jardin des Plantes before returning to the lively Carmes area (Rue Pharaon, Rue des Filatiers).
Enjoy lunch in one of the Carmes restaurants but don’t leave it too late because they fill quickly.
Head to the Esquirol quarter and go to Pont Neuf to admire Toulouse and the Garonne. Visit the Hotel Assézat and finish the afternoon at the Church of the Jacobins.
Head to Place St-Pierre to enjoy its festive atmosphere. You can also dine in this area.
MyTripTailor tip: after dinner, end the evening with a stroll on the quays, from St-Pierre to La Daurade.

  • Distance : 11 km
  • Duration : 0h44

Day 3 - Toulouse

Head to the left bank for the last day. Going by bike is ideal for the program. Explore the narrow streets and the Saint-Cyprien market. Delve into the contemporary art at Abattoirs before returning to the real world in the adjoining Jardin Raymond-VI.
Picnic in the Prairie des Filtres with good local produce bought from the morning market.
If you like photography, take advantage of the exhibitions at the Galerie du Château d’Eau. Next, join the Palais de Justice and the allées Jules-Guesde to discover the Quai des Savoirs.
Enjoy the cinémathèque programme to attend a ciné-concert or watch an outdoor screening and end your stay with some local specialties in a good restaurant in the centre.
MyTripTailor tip: Driving in the city center, particularly in old Toulouse, can be difficult. Underground car parks are located on Place du Capitole, Allée Jean-Jaurès, Place Esquirol, Place des Carmes and on the Allées Carnot alley (evening fee 5€).

  • Distance : 10 km
  • Duration : 0h38

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