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Bénodet, France, Europe, Brittany, department Finistère, river, flow, Odet, river port, harbour, port, boats, town, city, morning light ©G. Roland/Prisma/age fotostock

H44-10937246 - © - Gerth Roland

France, Finistère (29), la Cornouaille, Penmarch, la cote granitique de la Pointe de la Torche ©H. Hughes/hemis.fr

Concarneau  Walled City in Brittany ©travelandpanoramas/iStock

Concarneau Brittany

Locronan, Labelled Les Plus Beaux Villages de France, The Most Beautiful Villages of France, St Ronan church, Finisterre, Bretagne, Brittany, Chateulin distict, France. ©J. A. Moreno/age fotostock

N32-2564293 - © - José Antonio Moreno

Colourful trawler fishing boats in the Guilvinec port, Brittany, France ©C. Philippe/ArTerra Picture Library/age fotostock

PLP-110822P104 - © - Clément Philippe

Scenery at Quimper, a commune and capital of the Finistere department of Brittany in northwestern France. ©Achim Prill/iStock

Quimper in Brittany

©G. Rouzeau/Michelin

Church and Calvary Tronoën, Brittany, Finistère ©M. Huctin/age fotostock

N87-1805409 - © - Michel Huctin

Douarnenez, Port and boats, Finisterre, Bretagne, Brittany, Quimper distict, France. ©J. A. Moreno/age fotostock

N32-2815586 - © - José Antonio Moreno

Penmarch, Eckmuhl lighthouse, Phare d'Eckmühl, Pointe de Penmarc'h, Finisterre, Bretagne, Brittany, France, Europe. ©J. A. Moreno/age fotostock

N32-2808680 - © - José Antonio Moreno


Cape and storms in Bretagne

From Quimper to Concarneau, the Southern Finistere

  • By the sea
  • Weekends

The Finistere is an invitation to adventure! Where land ends with steep cliffs that throw themselves into stormy waters. A sequence of capes and rocky promonteries with a beauty can make us forget its harshness.
But beyond the moors battered by salty winds, Cornouaille will surprise you with its beaches and coves of calm and translucent waters. In Bigouden country, the savoir-faire of sea fisherman is still at work to allow you to taste marvellous fresh fish. Discover too the colours of Brittany where the granite is softened by the blue of the sky.

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Customize your trip

Quimper Concarneau

Day 1 - Quimper - Douarnenez

From Locmaria, a district dedicated to earthenware and arts and crafts, head along the quays of the old capital of Cornouaille to delve into old Quimper and its Renaissance houses. From the cathedral, cross the narrow streets between the Steir and the Odet before heading on to the Stangala gorges for a breathtaking view of the Odet. 20km to the west, the picturesque Locronan and its “mountain” offers a pretty panorama of the bay. In Douarnenez, follow the Sardine Trail signs for an informative stroll from the colourful harbour of Rosmeur up to the Port-Rhû quay and its original museum-port. Plan a stop on the beaches facing Ile Tristan.

  • Distance : 26 km
  • Duration : 0h33

Day 2 - Douarnenez - Pont-l'Abbé

Leaving Tréboul beach and heading along the Southern Finistere coast, from pointe de Leydé to the Bay ofAudierne. Steep cliffs and windswept moors lead to the exceptional Pointe du Raz. On foot, by bike or on horseback, choose from the many protected trails to admire île de Sein. Between the charming cove of Pors-Poulhan and Pointe de la Torche, visit the gothic Notre-Dame-de-Tronoën chapel set on a coastline of beaches popular with surfers. Enjoy sunset at the Eckmühl lighthouse before spending the night in Pont l’Abbé.

  • Distance : 84 km
  • Duration : 1h47

Day 3 - Pont-l'Abbé - Concarneau

At the bottom of its estuary, Pont l’Abbé plunges you into Bigouden country, with a stroll from the port to the chateau that houses a museum. Don’t miss the return of the trawlers and the spectacle of the fish market that takes place at Guilvinec quays, as well as Loctudy. Sampling the langoustines is a must before reaching the seaside resort of Bénodet by Pont de Cornouaille. Either stroll along the beach or cruise on the Odet, you’ll have to choose to avoid missing out on a visit to the old walled town of Concarneau.

  • Distance : 32 km
  • Duration : 0h52

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