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La plage d'Arone.

Le port de Centuri.

Centuri et Morsiglia depuis le Moulin Mattei.

Le port et la vieille ville de Porto-Vecchio.

 La citadelle et le port de Bastia.

Vue sur la ville et la citadelle de Calvi.


 Le phare de la Pietra et la tour génoise sur l’Île-Rousse.

La vieille ville et le port de Saint-Florent.

Le village de Piana.

The coastline of the Haute-Corse

Magnificent landscapes on unforgettable routes

It’s often in Haute-Corse (don’t say North Corsica) that explorations of this beautiful island begin. This tour will take you to its main sights and its most beautiful sites, both well-known and less so. Travelling along the Corsican coast is simply a feast for the eyes: on one side the sea, its beaches and coves, on the other the mountain and its reliefs, sometimes snow-capped. But don’t forget that roads turn a lot here; if you want to take full advantage of the landscape, you will have to stop…

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Customize your trip

Bastia Cargèse

Day 1 - Bastia - Calvi

Take some time to visit the Bastia’s ville basse (‘lower town’) to leave behind the other bikers when leaving the boat. Head north along the Santa Lucia road that takes you to the higher grounds. Go back down to Miomo and continue towards Erbalunga, then Macinaggio to discover each of the small ports (les marines) that give Cap Corse its charm. You can alternate between pleasant climbs and glorious descents … Head towards Ile-Rousse then Calvi.

MyTripTailor advice: Service stations along your route: Bastia, Morsiglia, L’Île-Rousse, Algajola, Lumio, Calvi.

  • Distance : 192 km
  • Duration : 4h39

Day 2 - Calvi - Cargèse

Leave Calvi by way of the Revellata, towards Galéria. The uneven surface will encourage calmer driving, as befitting for the magnificent landscape. At the bridge over the Fango, find the D 81 towards Porto: Past Porto, you can explore the calanche (pronounced calanques) of Piana: amazing granite sculptures formed by erosion that give the landscape a strange and unique beauty. Continue on to Cargèse where you can admire the Point of Molendino from the belvedere.
MyTripTailor advice : This circuit takes in, in large part, some of Corisca’s busiest roads. These are not always the biggest or the best maintained. Depending on traffic levels, you will need to adopt safe riding habits. First and foremost is to ensure that you ride in good shape, knowing how to protect yourself from the heat and being careful not to overstep the mark in terms of physical endurance. For most bikers, these roads are more testing than that they are used to.

  • Distance : 105 km
  • Duration : 2h24

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