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France, Ille et Vilaine (35), Rennes, transats installés place de la mairie devant le théâtre opera ©E. Berthier/hemis.fr

France, Ile et Vilaine (35), Rennes, quartier de la Cathédrale, rue de la Psalette ©R. Mattes/hemis.fr

France, Ille-et-Vilaine (35), Rennes, Palais du parlement de Bretagne (XVIIe siècle) conçu par les architectes Germain Gaultier et Salomon de Brosse, façade sud ©L. Maisant/hemis.fr

France, Ile et Vilaine (35), Rennes, marché Place des Lices ©R. Mattes/hemis.fr

France, Ile et Vilaine (35), Rennes, marché Place des Lices

Rennes ©CSP_clodio/Fotosearch LBRF/age fotostock

ESY-010290136 - © - CSP_clodio

France, Ille-et-Vilaine (35), Rennes, jardin du Thabor ©E. Berthier/hemis.fr

France, Ille-et-Vilaine (35), Rennes, jardin du Thabor

France, Ille-et-Vilaine (35), Rennes, musée des Beaux-Arts, sculptures en marbre et tableaux du XIXe siècle ©L. Maisant/hemis.fr

St Peter´s cathedral and belfry of Town Hall, Rennes. Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne, France ©Ch. Boisvieux/age fotostock

V58-800218 - © - Christophe Boisvieux

Visiting Rennes on foot in 3 days

Visiting Rennes on foot in 3 days

  • Weekends
  • Culture & Heritage

A metropolis radiating from the Grand-Ouest, Rennes, the capital of Brittany, is a young, sporting and festive city.

Its remarkably preserved historic centre invites you to take a trip through time. At times medieval, sometimes classical, Rennes has the characteristic of mixing eras with subtlety. Religious heritage, artistic, gastronomic heritage and large wooded parks, your 3 days in the Breton capital will have everything.

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Customize your trip

Rennes Rennes

Day 1 - Rennes

Welcome to this first day in the historic centre of the city, nestled around Cathédrale Saint-Pierre. The oldest lanes are here and are home to beautiful 16th-century half-timbered houses and majestic 18th-century mansions. After admiring the 16th century Gothic altarpiece hidden in the cathedral, head towards the famous Saint-Sauveur basilica for its golden-wood canopy and 17th-century organ.

Before heading to Place Saint-Anne to sit and devour fantastic galettes de sarrasin (‘buckwheat pancakes’), continue your stroll through Rue Saint-Sauveur, Rue du Chapitre and Rue de la Psalette. Finish the day by walking to Place of the Lice, visit the Opera House and the Parliament of Brittany.

MyTripTailor Advice: On Rue Saint-Guillaume you’ll find the oldest medieval house in the city: la maison Ti-Koz at No. 3, built in 1505.

  • Distance : 6,8 km
  • Duration : 0h33

Day 2 - Rennes

The market at Place des Lices is a must in Rennes life. It’s also worth sticking around to enjoy an aperitif on one of the square’s many terraces before going to discover the east of the city which is based around two sublime parks: Thabor and Parc Oberthür, both ideal for pleasant walks.

In late afternoon, head to the Museum of Fine Arts and its incredible cabinet de curiosité before spending the evening at TNB, the Theatre of Rennes.

MyTripTailor Tip: Don’t miss the Orangerie and the giant sequioas in Thabor park.

  • Distance : 6,3 km
  • Duration : 0h31

Day 3 - Rennes

For this last day, you leave the historic centre of Rennes to discover its outskirts and, in particular, the district of Beauregard, the base of FRAC Bretagne, whose collection now numbers 4,800 works.

On your way out, admire the last work of the artist Aurélie Nemours: The Alignment of the 21st century that pays homage to the Carnac stones.

A short break in the Parc des Gayeulles is necessary before going to discover the Eco-Museum of Rennes country nestled in Ferme de la Bintinais.

MyTripTailor Tip: If you’re visiting Rennes with children, forget the Eco-Museum and stay in Parc des Gayeulles where many activities are on offer: archery, pedal boats, tree climbing, swimming and even ice skating.

  • Distance : 23 km
  • Duration : 0h58

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