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Vieux Lyon and Saone River ©GoranQ/iStock

Lyon, France - Vieux District, Saone River, Saint-Georges Church, Fourviere

Morning view on Jacobins square and beautiful fountain in Lyon city, France ©RossHelen/iStock

Lyon city in France

France, Rhône (69), Lyon, l'ancienne gare des Brotteaux depuis la place Jules Ferry ©P. Jacques/hemis.fr

France, Rhône (69), Lyon, site historique classé Patrimoine Mondial de l'UNESCO, quartier de la Croix Rousse, les escaliers de la rue Grognard ©R. Mattes/hemis.fr

France, Rhône (69), Lyon, site historique classé Patrimoine Mondial de l'UNESCO, Vieux Lyon, traboule et cour d'immeuble ©J.-P. Lescourret/hemis.fr

sunset on Saone river at Lyon, France ©vwalakte/iStock

sunset on Saone river


Place Bellecour, Lyon

Lyon, France -- April 6, 2014: Street with traditional restaurants in Lyon, called Bouchon Lyonnais, which serve typical regional dishes. People are dining outside on a sunny April afternoon ©kodachrome25/iStock

Dinning at Bouchon Lyonnais

Ruins of Roman Theatre in Lyon. Lyon, Rhone-Alpes, France. ©benkrut/iStock

Ruins of Roman Theatre in Lyon

Courthouse and basilica at Lyon with citylights, France ©gael_f/iStock

Courthouse and basilica at Lyon with citylights, France

Rooftops, chimneys and cathedral St. Jean Baptiste in Vieux Lyon, the old town of Lyon. France. ©SanderStock/iStock

Cathedral in Vieux Lyon

plate of typical quenelle of Lyon ©lauradibiase/iStock

quenelle at lyon

Lyon 5e arr. Restaurants at Place Neuve Saint-Jean on Old Town in Lyon city. Lyon. Rhone. France. Europe ©B. Jaubert/age fotostock

X2C-2785531 - © - Bernard Jaubert

Rhône Alpes

Week-end in Lyon

Week-end in the capital of French gastronomy

  • City Break
  • Weekends

The city of canuts, bouchons, traboules, gastronomy, Fourvière, the two rivers and the two hills, Guignol … Lyon is a city of many symbols. Take the time to discover the riches of this ancient Gallo-Roman city by dedicating three intense and memorable days. Immerse yourself in the city’s centuries-old history, its gastronomic and cultural heritage and the beauty of its buildings thanks to this circuit devised by Mytriptailor.

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Customize your trip

Lyon Lyon

Day 1 - Lyon

Begin your journey through the city by visiting its historic heart, Old Lyon. And above all, the iconic Basilica of Fourvière, a powerful monument anchored in the heights of one of the hills of Lyon. Heading back down, stop to take in the remains of the city’s early days: the Roman theatres, proud witnesses to the grandeur of Lugdunum. You can also visit the dungeon of the dark hours of Saint Pothin, one of the martyrs of Lyon of that time. After a stop at the gothic Primatiale Saint-Jean (Lyon Cathedral), cross the Saône to tour the beautiful Place Bellecour before returning to the left bank and down to the medieval Rue Saint-Georges to the Place Minime.

  • Distance : 6,8 km
  • Duration : 0h27

Day 2 - Lyon

The Croix Rousse is the former fief of the canuts, “the hill that works” echoing the “the hill that prays”, Fourvière. It is here in this district that you will find the most beautiful traboules, the typical passages of Lyon with exceptional architecture that pass through the courtyards of buildings, and that you can visit an old soierie (silk workshop). Next, head to Place des Terreaux, adorned with the Town Hall and Palace of Fine Arts buildings and the Bartholi Fountain. A little further along you can admire the famous Fresque des Lyonnais which depicts in painting the celebrities who have played a part in the city’s history. Don’t miss the churches of Sainte-Croix, Saint-Etienne and Saint-Jean as well as the Gadagne Hotel in this UNESCO heritage district. Spend the evening in one of Lyon’s centuries old bouchons.

  • Distance : 6,4 km
  • Duration : 0h28

Day 3 - Lyon

The new district of Lyon at the southern end of its peninsula, Confluence is an extension of the city centre and offers some diversity with its interesting contemporary architecture to observe. After lunch, enjoy your last day in Lyon by relaxing in the both peaceful and lively atmosphere of the Parc de la Tête d’Or. The more sporty should hire a Velo’v to head there alongside the Rhone from Confluence. Return via the elegant district of Brotteaux, known for its Art Nouveau structures, where your visit comes to an end.

Feel free to spend the evening in the Brotteaux district and stay an extra night in Lyon if you want to extend your stay.

  • Distance : 18 km
  • Duration : 0h54

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