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Eglise Saint-Pierre d'Argentière ©milosk50/Fotosearch LBRF/age fotostock

Eglise Saint-Pierre d'Argentière

L'aiguille du Midi dans le massif du Mont-Blanc ©J.F. Hagenmuller/hemis.fr

L'Aiguille du Midi dans le massif du Mont-Blanc

La mer de Glace ©J.F.Hagenmuller/hemis.fr

La Mer de Glace

Le massif du Mont-Blanc ©AlexSava /iStock

Aiguille Verte dans le Massif du Mont-Blanc

Le massif du Mont-Blanc ©AlexSava /iStock

Aiguille et Glacier d'Argentiere

Aiguille des Grands-Montets ©Irina Klyuchnikova/Shutterstock

Aiguille Verte et Les Drus

Plan de l'Aiguille ©Stefan Dahle/age fotostock

Plan de l'Aiguille


Montenvers -Arrivee en train


Refuge du Plan de l'Aiguille


A family tour of Chamonix Valley

A family tour of Chamonix Valley

  • Hiking
  • Mountains

Fancy getting better acquainted with the Chamonix region but don’t feel up to a strenuous hike? This trip is ideal for you and the family! These easily accessible hikes out of Chamonix will give you a taste for the mountains and even the chance to spend the night in a mountain refuge. Explore the Aiguille du Midi before hiking to the Mer de glace (sea of ice). Dive into the freezing waters of Argentière glacier, climb up aiguille des Grands-Montets for a unique view and finish your trip by visiting Argentière.

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Customize your trip

Vallée de Chamonix Chamonix

Day 1 - Vallée de Chamonix- Plan de l'Aiguille du Midi

Walk around Chamonix with the family to start the day, admiring the 19th and 20th century buildings, visit the Alpine Museum to find out more about the town, then catch the gondola lift up to the aiguille du Midi. In just a few minutes you will find yourself in magnificent high altitude scenery at no less than 3,842m! Stop on the way down at the Plan de l’Aiguille at 2,317m, also the departure point of a large number of easy, signposted hikes. Only 10mins from the gondola lift station, the Refuge de l’Aiguille is open for meals and you can even spend the night (bookings advisable).

You can take your cable car ticket directly on site. The same applies if you want to use the Montenvers train or the Grands Montets cable car

  • Distance : 8,9 km
  • Duration : 6h0
  • Altitude + :3724 m
  • Altitude - :1038 m

Day 2 - Plan de L'aiguille du midi - Vallée de Chamonix

On leaving the refuge, follow an easy path for a 7km hike along a “balcony” path cut into the cliff side, feasting your eyes on the scenery and breathing in fresh mountain air! This will take you to the railway station of the Mer de glace (sea of ice) where a unique experience awaits you and the family! Venture into the heart of a glacier down a hundred or so steps (there were only a few steps 40 years ago!) and you will find yourself in a frozen cave. Then take the train from Montenvers back to Chamonix, or if you still have energy spare, rouse the kids and walk back to the resort (2hr with children).

  • Distance : 13 km
  • Duration : 5h0
  • Altitude + :2209 m
  • Altitude - :1039 m

Day 3 - Les Grands Montets

After a good night’s sleep in Chamonix, hop on the train or into your car and head towards Argentière. Here catch the gondola lift up to the Aiguille des Grands-Montets. At 3,295m, the view is matchless and commands a striking picture of Argentière glacier, the impressive Aiguille Verte and of course Mont Blanc. Finish with a relaxing stroll through the town, popping into the lovely Saint Pierre church. If you have time and your children are still raring to go, take them on a few non-taxing hikes around the town.

  • Distance : 18 km
  • Duration : 5h0
  • Altitude + :3400 m
  • Altitude - :1029 m

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