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France, Oise (60), Parc Astérix ©Parc Astérix

France, Oise (60), Parc Astérix

Paris and its region

Parc Asterix® and the heart of Val d'Oise

Road trip through the corridors of time

  • Culture & Heritage
  • Weekends

50kms from the capital, in the heart of the Regional Park of Oise, there is more than one treasure to turn your head! Relive the splendour of castle life, retracing the footsteps of the Princes of Condé at the Domaine de Chantilly. The grandeur of the equestrian passions continues to operate its timeless charm. But by Toutatis, you will have to take some magic potion at Parc Astérix before reliving the great history in Senlis. Medieval kings loved to stay there. Follow in their footsteps in the surrounding forests but be careful not to get lost in the corridors of time …

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Customize your trip

Chantilly Senlis

Day 1 - Chantilly - Parc Asterix®

Start the day early to embrace all the treasures of the domaine de Chantilly. From the suites of the Chateau and its gardens of Le Nôtre to the Princes garden, this is a place to explore and relive the golden age of the Princes of Condé. If you missed the early morning workout in the forest, the 18th century Grandes Écuries (stables), home to the Horse Museum, offers displays and magnificent equestrian shows. Opposite, the very busy racecourse attracts both the sporty and the betting crowd…

  • Distance : 24 km
  • Duration : 0h29

Day 2 - Parc Asterix® - Senlis

A change of of scenery at Parc Astérix® where the world of the famous comic book series unfolds across 50ha in the heart of the forest. Whether you’re with family or friends, there’s something for everyone both young and old. From April to November, give the water activities a try to get more or less drenched: Romus and Rapidus, Menhir Express or the Grand Splatch. The wisest and the Petitbonums will enjoy a walk in the Druids’ forest and their toboggans or a visit to the village. For the more daring? Dare to challenge Goudurix, the Thunder of Zeus or Oziris! A good dinner awaits in Senlis.

  • Distance : 17 km
  • Duration : 0h23

Day 3 - Senlis

Senlis offers many surprises in the turns of its lanes laden with the past of this royal town. There are beautiful reminders of where the kings of the Middle Ages stayed, such as the Hôtel des Trois-Pots, Rue de la Treille or the imposing cathedral. As well as guided tours of the heritage or museum, the city can also be enjoyed over a snack in one of the charming tea rooms. A relaxing walk in the Halatte Forest is a stone’s throw away. Don’t miss the panorama offered by the hill of Aumont or, further north, the Royal Abbey of Moncel.

  • Distance : 666 m
  • Duration : 0h4

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