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The Wine Route of Alsace

172km of visits and wine-tastings

  • Good food
  • Wine tour

This tour down the mythical Alsace Wine Route will acquaint you with the heart of Alsace. Visit towns, venture into vineyards and meet talented and friendly winegrowers. The programme features 172km of leisurely excursions, wine-tastings and memorable encounters.

MyTripTailor tip: The wine festival periods (from April to October) and the Christmas markets are the best times to sample the region’s warm welcome.

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Customize your trip

Strasbourg Mulhouse

Day 1 - Strasbourg - Obernai

The Alsace Wine Route winds through picturesque vineyards and lovely little villages. Depending on your whim, you can add wine-tastings, walking and bicycling through vineyards and/or cultural highlights to your tour. After exploring the heart of Strasbourg and sampling its specialties, drive to another highpoint, Obernai. Don’t forget that you are also in beer country and where the Kronenbourg breweries are located.

  • Distance : 62 km

Day 2 - Obernai - Riquewihr

Continue your journey past the highlights of Ottrott, Barr (famous for its Gewurztraminer wine) and the lovely town of Mittelbergheim, which produces delicious Zotzenberg wine. We recommend stopping in the vineyards at Saint-Hippolyte. Ribeauvillé, whose iconic main street (Grand-Rue), which runs from one end of the town to the , overflows with wine cellars and wine-tasting opportunities, as do the surrounding villages. You will then reach Riquewihr, whose cobbled streets and half-timbered houses, some of which date from the 13C, paint a stunning picture.

  • Distance : 51 km

Day 3 - Riquewihr - Guebwiller

Start the day in the exquisite market town of Colmar, famous for its Little Venice neighbourhood. Eguisheim, one ofthe Most Beautiful Villages of France, is reputed to be where the story of Alsace wine begun during the Gallo-Roman era. A walk around its ramparts will take you on a trip back through time, down lanes lined in handsome 17 and 18C houses. The picturesque village of Guebwiller offers the bonus of tasting four grand cru wines: kitterlé, kessler, saering and spiegel.

  • Distance : 70 km

Day 4 - Guebwiller - Mulhouse

Finish your journey on a cultural note and make a beeline for Mulhouse, famous for its major technological museums. Pay a visit to the Cité du Train, whose impressive collection charts the history of railways from 1844 to the present day.

MyTripTailor tip: Hop over to Petite Camargue, one of Alsace’s top wildlife parks to the south of Mulhouse (free except for exhibitions). Marshland and ponds provide shelter to exceptional wildlife, including thirty or so mammals and many species of birds.

  • Distance : 46 km

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