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France, Somme (80), Baie de Somme

France, Somme (80), Baie de Somme

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Somme Bay

The Bay of Somme

Immerse yourself in this tiny ecological paradise

  • Weekends
  • By the sea

Treat yourself to a weekend of fresh air in the Somme Bay, one of France’s foremost natural sites since 2001 and a long-term, dedicated ecological defender. Bird and seal watching, walking or horse-riding on the beach and a host of outdoor sports – the bay ranks among one of the most beautiful bays in the world and is rich in activities to recharge the batteries.

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Customize your trip

Fort-Mahon / Bay of Authie Le Tréport

Day 1 - Bay of Authie - Le Crotoy

On reaching the Bay of Authie, start by stretching your legs on the beach (check the tide timetable, because the tides come in surprisingly quickly). Sand yachting, horse riding, kite surfing – sports lovers will be spoilt for choice. Then make a beeline for the 400-acre Marquenterre Ornithological Nature Reserve. Spend the night at Le Crotoy or Saint-Valery-Sur-Somme.

MyTripTailor advice : Excursions to see the seals are organised in the Somme Bay.

  • Distance : 24 km
  • Duration : 0h36

Day 2 - Le Crotoy - Le Tréport

Get up early enough to explore the seaside resort that you may not have had time to see yesterday. Le Crotoy, a stretch of land poking into the sea, is famous for its south-facing beach and incredibly fine sand. Pay a visit to the medieval city of Saint-Valery, perched on a limestone outcrop. Why not treat yourself to a bracing boat trip? In the evening, reeling from so much fresh air, make your way to Le Tréport.

MyTripTailor advice We recommend tasting the delicious grey shrimps, called “sauterelles”.

  • Distance : 48 km
  • Duration : 0h59

Day 3 - Le Tréport

Once again take the time to stroll around the town in the morning, before you set off along the Alabaster Coast. The bustling seaside resort of Le Tréport and its twin sister Mers-les-Bains have no lack of attractions: restaurants, marinas, spas, casinos, etc.

MyTripTailor advice : Don’t leave without admiring the lovely 16C Château d’Eu, now a museum. Among others, it was the summer residence of King Louis-Philippe in the 19C.

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