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Campomoro, in Corsica

King Aragon's staircase under overhanging cliff. Bonifacio, Corsica, France. ©Allard1/iStock

King Aragon's Stairs, Bonifacio

view of a waterfall with a small lake in Solenzara ©nut1968/iStock

Solenzara, waterfall with a small lake

At the far south of the island, just beyond Bonifacio and its impressive façade hewn out of the rockface, stands Piantarella beach ©François-Xavier SERAFINO/iStock

Piantarella beach

Panoramic coastal cityscape of Ajaccio, Corsica island, France ©eugenesergeev/iStock

Panoramic coastal cityscape of Ajaccio, Corsica

Colorful living houses on rocky coast of Bonifacio, mountainous Mediterranean island Corsica, Corse-du-Sud, France ©eugenesergeev/iStock

Colorful living houses on rocky coast, Bonifacio

Sunrise and cloudscape over Bavella massif and mountain, Corsica, France. ©Infografick/iStock

Sunrise over Bavella mountain

Aerial  view of Cavu natural pool near Tagliu Rossu and Sainte Lucie in Corsica Island, France ©sam74100/iStock

Aerial view of Cavu natural pool near Tagliu Rossu Corsica

Aerial view of the Parata Tower from the sea, Genoese tower built in 1608, Corsica. France. Sunset over the sea in the Gulf of Ajaccio near the bloody islands ©Naeblys/iStock

Aerial view of the Parata Tower from the sea, Genoese tower built in 1608, Corsica. France. Sunset over the sea in the Gulf of Ajaccio near the bloody islands

Filitosa,France - October 9, 2014: Menhirs in the megalithic archaeological site of Filitosa, Corsica, France. Filitosa is one of the major sites of Corsican Prehistory ©RnDmS/iStock


Due South in Corsica

Magnificent coves and peaks

  • By the sea
  • Nature & Discovery

Very busy in high season, the southern half of Corsica, the île de Beauté offers two sides. Its coastline is ideal for hours of bathing in paradise-like coves, whilst the marina terraces know how to keep you to taste local wines and charcuterie. Alternatively, the more daring can venture along winding paths to tame an island of barren rocks, rushing rivers and rugged mountains and to discover its finest treasures. And savour this oasis even more.

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Customize your trip

Bonifacio Bonifacio

Day 1 - Bonifacio

Bonifacio, the southern tip of the island, is perched in an exceptional location that can be appreciated equally from both land and sea. The medieval citadel at the top of its dizzying limestone cliffs reveals a history of a thousand years. After a sporty climb to Bastion de l’Etendard and an unusual descent of the 187 steps of the staircase of Roy d’Aragon, the parapet walkway takes you back to the marina for a well deserved ice cream! Further east, the Piantarella Lagoon can hold you until sunrise…

  • Distance : 1 km
  • Duration : 0h2

Day 2 - Bonifacio - Solenzara

Between the sea and the mountains, the fortified old town of Porto-Vecchio overlooks a busy marina. But the real treasures are set back from the coast, to the north, with the natural pools of the Cavu Valley, and in the forest around the dam in Ospédale. From Zonza to Solenzara, the winding roads take you to the Aiguilles de Bavella and then on to the Col de Larone for breathtaking views. Opt for one of the many walks on offer to honour the beauty of the landscapes.

  • Distance : 106 km
  • Duration : 2h21

Day 3 - Solenzara - Ajaccio

River or beach, Solenzara offers hours of gentle swimming before you head back north via winding roads. History buffs should make a detour east to the Roman remains of Aleria or to taste the oysters at the Urbino lagoon. On the D344, the parades of Inzecca and then Strette will take you to the Col de Sorba, culminating with a breathtaking view from 1,311m. Return to Ajaccio, the imperial capital steeped in Napoleonic history. After an extremely informative guided tour, you can enjoy a sunset at the Pointe de la Parata facing the îles Sanguinaires.

  • Distance : 120 km
  • Duration : 2h21

Day 4 - Ajaccio - Bonifacio

From Porticcio to Portiglio, the coast has magnificent beaches with translucent waters, more pleasant than those of the surrounding seaside resorts. Head up the Taravo river to the back country and you will reach the fascinating prehistoric site of the stone men of Filitosa. Past Propriano, use a walk to the Genoese tower as the pretext to exploring the paradise bay of Campomoro. Your next stop, Sartène, immerses you in Corsican atmosphere with the austere residences of its medieval city. Take care on the road to Bonifacio, the famous rocher du lion is watching you near Roccapina.

  • Distance : 134 km
  • Duration : 2h53

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