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Beautiful Woman biker enjoying sunset, female riding motorcycle. motorbike driver traveling the world, Relaxing after long trip, freedom lifestyle. Travel Concepts. ©howtogoto/iStock

Beautiful Woman biker enjoying sunset, female riding motorcycle. motorbike driver traveling the world, Relaxing after long trip, freedom lifestyle. Travel Concepts.

France, Somme (80), Baie de Somme, Le Crotoy, villas en bord de mer et cabines de plage ©O. Leclercq/hemis.fr

Amiens, France - July 27, 2017: Amiens Cathedral of Notre Dame and traditional houses on La place du Don Square at the embankment of Somme canal, Picardy, France. People on the background ©chert61/iStock

Street scene in Amiens, France.

Traveling on a motorcycle on the mountain roads. ©Vitalalp/iStock

Traveling on a motorcycle.

Early morning at Saint_Valery_sur_Somme, Dept. Somme, Picardie, France, Europe ©B. Merz/age fotostock

LKF-353332 - © - Brigitte Merz

Amiens, france, august 07, 2014 : architectural details of  the gothic cathedral of Amiens, on august 07, 2014, in Amiens, France. ©isogood/iStock

cathedral of Amiens, france

Aerial view of cliffs at F?camp, commune in the Seine-Maritime department in the Haute-Normandie region in northwestern France ©Musat/iStock

Cliffs at F?camp in France

France, Somme, Baie de Somme, Le Hourdel, fishing boats (aerial view) ©O. Leclercq/Getty Images

France, Somme, Baie de Somme, Le Hourdel, fishing boats

prise de vue au zoom 18/135, à 1/125, f 16, 200 iso ©guy-ozenne/iStock

Chemin de front de mer, Criel sur Mer, Seine maritime, Normandie, France

Argoules, Somme, Picardy, France - July 23, 2014 : the Valloires cistercian abbey and the rose garden during the rose blooming ©Marie-Pierre Samel/iStock

Argoules, France, Valloires abbey, rose garden,rosarium

France, Somme (80), Rambures, le château ©A. Chicurel/hemis.fr

France, Somme (80), Rambures, le château

Somme Bay

The Somme Bay by motorbike

Weekend round trip along the Picardy coastline

An invigorating trip at under 2 hours from Paris! Bikers will love this 2-day circuit, which can of course be shortened for those who do not have the time for the full route. Tour the Bay of the Somme and its nature reserves setting out from Amiens, via Abbeville, Saint-Riquier, Valloires, Le Crotoy, Saint-Valery and even the white cliffs of the Côte d’Albâtre. The riding is not too intense (150 km maximum per day), so you can enjoy the journey and have room for outings or visits on your way. So feel free to stop as often as you want and discover this beautiful region!

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Customize your trip

Day 1 - Amiens - Le Crotoy

Don’t leave Amiens without visiting the cathedral, a magnificent 13th Century Gothic monument that miraculously avoided being bombed. You can also take a stroll through the city to experience its half-bourgeois, half-working class atmosphere before you climb aboard your bikes. Head for Abbeville, with its post-war architecture, then take the D941 and stop off at the abbey of Saint-Riquier, a flamboyant mix of Carolingian and Gothic styles. Continue along the small country roads until you get to Auxi-le-Château, where you can admire the Neo-Gothic town hall and the small church of St. Martin. The D224 will then take you to Valloires Abbey, a former Cistercian convent where guided tours are available. After Crécy-en-Ponthieu and a trip through its forest, go through Rue and admire the mediaeval ruins of the belfry and its timber-framed houses. You will arrive in Le Crotoy, Enjoy your evening in this charming port.

  • Distance : 141 km

Day 2 - Le Crotoy - Amiens

Time to get the bike out again for a morning’s ride along the coast, through villages and little ports. Travel along the Bay of the Somme and soak up its vast expanses that seem to connect the earth and the sky. Stop a few kilometres further down in Saint-Valery and enjoy a coffee in this busy marina, a hit location for bikers. Taking the Cap Hornu route, pass alongside Cise Wood and check out the pebble beach before taking the road to Eu and Le Tréport. The town itself is nothing to write home about but the road running through it leads to the spectacular chalk cliff faces of Côte d’Albâtre until Mesnil-Val, then Criel-sur-Mer, which sits atop the highest chalk cliff in Europe. Open up the throttle for a few kilometres on the D16 then ease off as you arrive at the forest. If you have time, stop in to visit the feudal château at Rambures. You can then pick up the run of the Somme after Oisement and Hallencourt, which will take you back to Amiens.

  • Distance : 149 km

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