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Ruins of the Genoese tower at Mortella with a turquoise mediterranean sea and rocky coastline of the Desert des Agriates near St Florent in Corsica with Cap Corse in the distance ©joningall/iStock

Genoese tower at Mortella near St Florent in Corsica

Europe, France, Corse, Haute Corse (2B). Agriates desert. Saleccia. The white sand beach. ©N. Scanella/age fotostock

Y3T-1838977 - © - Norbert Scanella

France, Corsica. Mountain village of Pieve. ©Danita Delimont Agency/age fotostock


Hafenstadt Saint Florent auf Korsika ©T. Kakalik/Panther Media/age fotostock

ESY-021436701 - © - Thomas Kakalik

Pisan church of San Michele de Murato, Nebbio, Corsica, France, Europe ©Otto Stadler/imageBROKER/age fotostock

IBR-1592005 - © - Otto Stadler/imageBROKER

France,  Haute-Corse (2B), Saint Florent, plage de la Roya ©C. Moirenc/hemis.fr

France, Haute-Corse (2B), Saint Florent, plage de la Roya

The fortress of Saint-Florent, La Citadelle, Cap Corse, Corsica, France, Europe ©J. Dauerer/imageBROKER/age fotostock

IBR-2324215 - © - Jörg Dauerer/imageBROKER

Blick auf Murato, Korsika, Frankreich ©F. Scholz/Zoonar GmbH RM/age fotostock

ZON-3231974 - © - Zoonar/Frauke Scholz

Beach La Plage du Lotu, France, Corsica, Desert des Agriates, Saint-Florent ©P. Royer/Blickwinkel/age fotostock

BWI-BS404967 - © - P. Royer

Trips between land and sea to Saint-Florent

Roaming the “Saint-Tropez of Corsica” and its surroundings, with family or friends

  • By the sea
  • Weekends

Explore the capital of Nebbio and its surroundings with unforgettable hikes around Saint-Florent. Your itinerary invites you to roam its colourful streets and the ramparts of its citadel, before unwinding on its long sandy beaches. Next, discover Agriate, west of the resort: the maquis shrubland and its intoxicating scents accompany hikes to coves and beaches. End your stay inland, scattered with sheepfolds and vineyards, where you’ll discover, among other delights, the town of Murato and its 13th century church.

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Customize your trip

Saint Florent Saint Florent

Day 1 - Saint Florent - Saint Florent

For your first day, wander through the winding streets, lined with colourful houses, and the old town’s small flowered squares, blooming with Oleander. Quench your thirst or enjoy a game of petanque, on Place des Portes, before walking the ramparts of the Genoese citadel. Past the gateway, you will discover a surprising view of old houses built at the water’s edge. End things in style on Roya beach where numerous water sports are available.

Day 2 - Saint Florent - Saint Florent

Get ready for a pretty hike along the Agriate coast. Take the coastal path to discover the hidden beauty of this virtually mineral desert, across the uneven terrain of chaotic relief. You will cross a fragrant maquis shrubland of dense thorns, where rocky cliffs separated by small streams emerge, before reaching the Lotto and Saleccia beaches and beyond, for a well deserved rest.

Mytriptaylor Advice: Be sure to prepare (water, sunscreen, rest stops…)

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