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View at the chalk cliffs, Etretat, Normandy

Normandy, Fecamp, The Palais Benedictine, Seine-Maritime department, Pays de Caux, Cote d´Albatre, Alabaster Coast, Upper Normandy, France. ©José Antonio Moreno/age fotostock

N32-2605956 - © - José Antonio Moreno

Maurice LEBLANC (1864-1941) Arsène Lupin. Illustrazione per la prima edizione inglese del romanzo 'La Cruna dell'ago', 1911,,Copyright © Fototeca Gilardi ©fototeca gilardi/Marka/age fotostock

MAR-W638328 - © - fototeca gilardi

the ruins of the Saint Wandrille abbey in northern France ©CSP_Tetyana/Fotosearch LBRF/ age fotostock

ESY-018924631 - © - CSP_Tetyana

Illustration by Arsene Lupin in the Etretat seaside resort, Normandy, France, Europe ©S. Gabriel/imageBROKER/age fotostock

IBR-1070861 - © - Stephan Gabriel/imageBROKER


Claude Monet's home in Giverny, France


An unusual weekend in Normandy: in the footsteps of Arsène Lupine

Maurice Leblanc's Normandy

  • Weekends
  • Culture & Heritage

Normandy provided a vast setting for the novelist Maurice Leblanc. For the generations who have followed his works, it is a genuine theatre: that of the adventures of the most famous gentleman burglar of French literature, Arsène Lupin.

Stealthily, follow in the footsteps of Maurice Leblanc and his legendary hero. Both natives of Normandy and tireless surveyors of the Pays de Caux, of which they know every nook and cranny, they will lead you through this unusual itinerary in the most legendary places of lupinienne intrigue. The real and the imaginary are blurred, prepare to delve into the novel.

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Customize your trip

Rouen Étretat

Day 1 - Rouen - day

The hometown of Maurice Leblanc built his identity on its rich history. It’s hard to visit Rouen without being immersed in the city’s medieval past! Wander through the old centre looking up to take in its typical  half-timbered and wood-framed houses. Visit the cathedral, the abbey or L’aître Saint Maclou while strolling along Rue Damietta, Eau de Robec and Martainville. In the afternoon, take the time to enjoy the high quality collection at the Museum of Fine Arts before spending the evening in one of the city centre’s lively lanes.

  • Distance : 5 km
  • Duration : 0h21

Day 2 - Rouen - Etretat

Leaving Rouen in the morning, stop off at Jumièges Abbey, the imposing and mysterious ruins found in La Comtesse de Cagliostro. They were the playground of the young Maurice Leblanc who spent holidays in Jumièges that fed the imagination for his novels. The Abbey of Saint-Wandrille should not be overlooked among the places that inspired the setting of the adventures of Arsène Lupin. Arrive in Etretat in the afternoon to track down our hero at Clos Arsène Lupin, the house of its author now converted into a museum tracing the titillating biography of the gentleman burglar.

  • Distance : 97 km
  • Duration : 1h57

Day 3 - Étretat - day

Begin your morning with an invigorating walk at the top of the cliffs of Etretat, where you will understand the passion felt by many artists for this breathtaking setting. Maurice Leblanc did not escape this fascination and the Côte d’Albâtre provided an ideal setting for his hero’s adventures. Most notably, you will find the famous needle of Etretat, that of Aiguille Creuse, which provided accommodation for Arsène Lupin. Why not stop-off at Fécamp on the way back to visit its majestic Palais Bénédictine, a masterpiece that successfully combines neo-Gothic and Renaissance art.

Spend a night in Etretat to extend your stay.

  • Distance : 32 km
  • Duration : 0h45

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