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Arcachon Bay, France - September 2nd, 2017: view over the beach of The Point of Horses, near the Cap Ferret, one of the many quiet and wild coves on the Arcachon Bay. ©Eric Cowez/iStock

Arcachon Bay (France), small cove called The Point of Horses

Facades in Petit Bayonne and Nive river  Bayonne   Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France ©Mikel Bilbao/age fotostock

X6M-1702000 - © - Mikel Bilbao

France, Gironde (33), Lacanau, Lacanau-Océan la station balnéaire, la forêt de pins et le lac de Lacanau (vue aérienne) ©F. Leroy/hemis.fr

France, Landes (40), Hossegor, plage et front de mer ©J.-M. Barrère/hemis.fr

France, Landes (40), Hossegor, plage et front de mer

Arcachon, France - September 1, 2011: Detail of people enjoying the last hours of the day on one of the beaches, of the city of Arcachon, France. ©MIMOHE/iStock


View from Dune of Pilat - the largest sand dune in Europe, Aquitaine, France ©Perszing1982/iStock

View from Dune of Pilat

people spending holidays sunbathing in scenic seascape of atlantic ocean in blue sky in surf spot destination of biarritz, basque country, france ©metulj888/iStock

people spending holidays sunbathing in scenic seascape of atlantic ocean in blue sky in surf spot destination of biarritz, basque country, france

white egret strolls through the swamp in the ornithological reserve near Bordeaux named Reserve Ornitologique du Teich. ©stone973/iStock

white egret strolls through the swamp in the ornithological reserve near Bordeaux named Reserve Ornitologique du Teich

Pays Basque

The Ocean's Basque Coast

The coastline from Lacanau to Bayonne

  • Roadtrip
  • By the sea

A lively area that brings together numerous activities, Aquitaine invites you to discover its mythical Arcachon Bayonne coast. Drive through renowned wine-growing regions, seaside resorts with famous beaches, charming towns in the South West, natural sites made up of impressive dunes, ornithological reserves and large boating lakes. The Côte Océane awaits!

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Customize your trip

Lacanau-Océan Hendaye

Day 1 - Lacanau-Océan - Arcachon

The Belle Epoque architecture of the villas of Lacanau-Ocean bear witness to the 20th century construction of this important seaside resort bordered with dunes. Stroll through the charming streets of this natural town before going to enjoy its beaches. Next, take the road to visit the old Cistercian abbey of Maubuisson now dedicated to contemporary art, or discover the history of the Medoc with an exciting tour of the Maison des Arts et Traditions Populaires. Arrive in Arcachon for early evening.

  • Distance : 108 km
  • Duration : 1h50

Day 2 - Arcachon

Arcachon has earned its reputation. Winter, summer, spring and autumn, it’s attraction spans every season. Visit the waterfront area, stroll inside the town’s peaceful streets dotted with late 19th century villas bordered by pine trees, stroll through the Parc Mauresque. Next, set off for an afternoon of sailing to île aux oiseaux, as far as Cap Ferret, where the lighthouse offers a breathtaking view of the Arcachon bay and the Dune du Pilat. You can also push on to l’Herbe, one of the prettiest oyster villages in the bay. Head back in late afternoon to relax on the sandy beaches of Arcachon, where you can spend the evening.

Day 3 - Arcachon

In the morning get on the road for the famous Dune du Pilat. The highest dune in Europe offers a double view of the bay of Arcachon and the forest of maritime pines. Returning to the bay, nature lovers will enjoy exploring the Teich bird reserve. Don’t miss out on the oyster tasting in one of the shacks around the bay before returning to spend the evening in Arcachon.

Day 4 - Arcachon - Bayonne

Leave the Arcachon bay for a pleasant descent, rich with pretty stopovers, down to Bayonne. Start by stopping at the beach of Biscarosse, known as an ideal setting for surfing. Next, stop for some culture in Mimizan to visit its priory museum, before returning to the waves, this time on the Hossegor or Capbreton beaches. Alternatively, you may prefer a visit to the Marais d’Orx nature reserve. Arrive in Bayonne by early evening.

  • Distance : 164 km
  • Duration : 2h34

Day 5 - Bayonne

Entering Bayonne, you open the door to Basque territory. If its soul and traditions are those of the Basque Country, Bayonne has its own extraordinarily homogeneous architecture. Strolling through its three walls of ramparts is a pleasure, through tight lanes surrounded by narrow half-timbered buildings and colourful shutters. Stroll past the 12th century Château Vieux, the understated Sainte-Marie Cathedral with Renaissance stained glass, then enter Petit Bayonne with its festive evening ambiance. Don’t miss the Basque Museum and the History of Bayonne, and deepen your knowledge of the local gastronomic culture by visiting the Bayonne ham workshop. Stay in Petit Bayonne for dinner to enjoy its entertainment.

Day 6 - Bayonne - Hendaye

Enjoy the Landes beaches one last time before beginning your journey back. Don’t miss Biarritz and Anglet, two surf resorts renowned for their sandy coastline, pine forests and waves. Take the opportunity to visit Biarritz and one of the largest aquariums in France.
Your stay ends here. However, if you wish to extend it, why not spend another night in Bayonne.

  • Distance : 34 km
  • Duration : 0h58

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