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Motorcyclist speeding around Hairpin bend

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Motorcycling in Auvergne

A ride along the iconic volcano routes

  • Nature & Discovery
  • With friends

Welcome to Auvergne, a region famous for its scenic roads. Thanks to Michelin’s in-depth knowledge of Clermont-Ferrand and the region, our trip takes you on a 4- to 7-day biking trip along winding roads rich in breathtaking panoramic views… A made-to-measure motorcycling trip – ideal for groups!

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Customize your trip

Vichy Ambert

Day 1 - Vichy - Orcines

Start with a wild ride as you skirt the fast-flowing white waters of the Sioule gorges and the head-spinning Fades viaduct. Admire stunning panoramas, in particular the Queuille meander. History buffs will also adore emblematic sites such as the ancient city of Charroux, chateau of Chouvigny and Menat Bridge. Just before you reach Orcines, the Vulcania theme park will reveal the secrets of the volcanoes of Auvergne.

My Trip Tailor advice: Don’t miss the Motorcycle Museum of Riom.

  • Distance : 128 km
  • Duration : 3h20
  • Altitude + :1039 m
  • Altitude - :250 m

Day 2 - Orcines - Le Mont-Dore

Ready for the grand tour of the Auvergne volcanoes? You will first cross the Puys range then the more recent Sancy range, rich in exhilarating hairpin bends and sheer drops. From the Guéry, Croix-Morand and Croix Saint Robert passes to Lake Chambon, Saint Nectaire, Besse, Le Mont Dore and its stunning Lake Pavin, you will understand why Auvergne is a biker’s paradise !

My Trip Tailor advice: Many passes are closed from November to May, so be sure to check the weather conditions before revving up.

  • Distance : 103 km
  • Duration : 2h30
  • Altitude + :1480 m
  • Altitude - :603 m

Day 3 - Le Mont-Dore - Salers

Hold on tight, you’re in for an action-packed day of thrills and outstanding biking sensations and scenery. This stage guarantees fiendishly winding roads between the Sancy range and the Cantal mounts. The day draws to a close at the lovely village of Salers, one of the Most Beautiful Villages of France and an excellent place for a fine meal after a day rich in excitement.

My Trip Tailor advice: A word of warning, no service stations on the portion of road between Le Mont-Dore and Bort-les-Orgues (approx. 45km).

  • Distance : 143 km
  • Duration : 3h40
  • Altitude + :1609 m
  • Altitude - :693 m

Day 4 - Salers - Saint-Flour

Earth, water, wind and fire! This stage of the trip from Salers takes you along twisting roads to Aurillac by the Légal pass. From frothy at Chaudes-Aigues and peaceful at the Truyère gorges spanned by the Garabit viaduct (built by Gustave Eiffel), this road is never far from the water or volcanic mountain ranges. A quintessence of the elements!

My Trip Tailor advice: Take the time for a dip in the water of Chaudes-Aigues whose underground springs are the hottest in Europe.

  • Distance : 184 km
  • Duration : 5h0
  • Altitude + :1292 m
  • Altitude - :601 m

Day 5 - Saint-Flour - Le Puy-en-Velay

Rev up the engine on this stage of the trip as you follow the tracks of the mythical Gévaudan beast. Should the legend have kindled your curiosity, stop off at Sauges and pay a visit to the museum. The road skirting the impressive Lake Naussac offers a wide range of pleasant places to stop and relax. Next treat yourself to a series of hairpin bends up the mountainside. At the top you will be greeted by the lovely town of Puy-en-Velay, where history and religious faith continue to attract a cosmopolitan crowd on the Way of Saint James to Compostela.

  • Distance : 180 km
  • Duration : 5h0
  • Altitude + :1464 m
  • Altitude - :605 m

Day 6 - Le Puy-en-Velay - Ambert

From the south of the Haute-Loire to the heights of the Forez in the Puy-de-Dôme, this trip alternates between generous loops, tight hairpin bends, plateaux, gorges and pine forests. Along the way, pause at the basilica of Saint-Julien at Brioude to admire the 12 and 13C frescoes. You will finish the day at Ambert where you will be able to sample delicious Fourme d’Ambert cheese and girolle mushrooms.

My Trip Tailor advice: If you have time, treat yourself to a canoe outing down the Allier gorges.

  • Distance : 210 km
  • Duration : 5h30
  • Altitude + :1255 m
  • Altitude - :421 m

Day 7 - Ambert - Vichy

After series of breathtaking, even hair-raising bends, half-way along your route you will reach Thiers, capital of the knife craft industry. Along the way, you will go through several notable villages, such as Courpière in the heart of the Livradois-Forez National Park and Saint-Just-en-Chevaleret, nestled at an altitude of between 600 and 900 metres in the Monts de la madeleine. Your journey ends at Vichy as you say aurevoir to the bikers’ paradise.

  • Distance : 167 km
  • Duration : 4h10
  • Altitude + :1024 m
  • Altitude - :254 m

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