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Pont du Gard is a Roman bridge at three levels built around 17 Ac, part of the Roman aqueduct with the same name that is became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. ©Flavio Vallenari/iStock

Pont du Gard - France

Martigues, France - June 6, 2014: People strolling on the bridge in the old town of Martigues. The old pastel-colored houses overlooking the ©argalis/iStock

Martigues, France

Overview of the ruins of the Roman site of Glanum, just south of St Remy de Provence in France. The timeline of Glanum runs from the 6th century BC, its founding, to 27BC, when the Romans acquired it, to 260AD, when the Romans left it.  AdobeRGB colorspace. ©lucentius/iStock

Ancient ruins of Glanum, France

Ancient architecture and remains of Roman buildings in French village Les Baux de Provence, South France ©Nikolay Dimitrov/iStock

Ancient architecture in Baux de Provence



Arles, France - June 6, 2014: Tourists visiting the Roman Amphitheatre of Arles, one of the main sights of the city. Built in about 80 AD, the amphitheatre was capable of seating over 20,000 spectators, which attended the bloody hand-to-hand combats typical of that period. ©argalis/iStock

Les Arènes d'Arles - the Amphitheatre - France

Avignon, France - July 19, 2014: tourists at the Popes Palace square on summer day. The Palace of the Popes is the biggest building ever built during the Gothic period. ©Photoprofi30/iStock

Popes Palace in Avignon, France

Sunrise over the port at Sausset-les-Pins, France ©S. Sarkis/age fotostock

YE1-1379996 - © - Sami Sarkis


Roman and medieval Provence

From Marseille to Nimes, a mighty delta

  • Culture & Heritage
  • Roadtrip

From Provence to the gates of Languedoc, between the Rhone and the Mediterranean, retrace the course of time by discovering a unique cultural heritage in splendid surroundings. Marseille, Arles, Nimes, Avignon, so many sun-drenched cities that highlight centuries-old heritage without compromising their contemporary strengths. Whatever time of year you visit, this is a colourful week of travel which will satisfy history lovers as well as the more leisurely crowd.

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Customize your trip

Marseille Nîmes

Day 1 - Marseille

A genuine emblem of Marseille, its old port is the epicenter of the city. Breakfast on the terrace and you can watch the bustling fish market that takes place every morning. A stone’s throw away is a visit of the Jardin des Vestiges and the Museum of History dedicated to the ancient port of Marseille, before a stroll in the historic Panier quarter. Via Montée des Accoules, head back to the splendid and fascinating MuCEM, a genuine bridge between past and present. Organise a boat trip in the legendary calanques, possibly with a detour past the old Château d’If prison.

  • Distance : 10 km
  • Duration : 0h48

Day 2 - Marseille-Arles

Along the coast west of Marseille, you can explore Carry-le-Rouet and Sausset les-Pins, fishing villages that have become pleasant seaside resorts in the Côte Bleue. Admire the calanques and their coves in idyllic colors. Twenty minutes north is Martigues, the “Venice of Provence”. Borne from the unification of three villages in the Middle Ages, it now has three neighbourhoods connected by bridges: Jonquières, a maze of shopping streets, l’île historique and Ferrieres, with a museum dedicated to the impressionist painter Ziem. Allow under an hour to reach Arles.

  • Distance : 98 km
  • Duration : 1h55

Day 3 - Arles

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its numerous remains, the centre of Arles is a wonderful testimony to ancient history. Visit the Roman Theater and Amphitheater whose arenas are still filled today for numerous shows. Stroll through the centre’s charming streets to find the unmissable Musée d’Arles Antique along the Rhone. The Musée Réattu is worth a detour and enjoy an evening on the terrace at Place du Forum to complete the day.

  • Distance : 4,1 km
  • Duration : 0h20

Day 4 - Arles - La Camargue - Arles

South of Arles unfolds Camargue. Salin-de-Giraud, created in the 19th century to house the salt industry workers, is a village known for its red waters, flamingos and the immense beach at Piémanson. Between land and sea, is the alluring Saintes-Marie-de-la-Mer with its streets of single storey houses, marina and beaches. A visit of the fortified city of Aigues-Mortes plunges you into the middle ages and the crusades era of the King, Saint-Louis. His story leads you to its sidekick, the charming port of Grau-du-Roi.

  • Distance : 127 km
  • Duration : 2h10

Day 5 - Arles - Avignon

Leaving Arles, the Montmajour Abbey is a major Romanesque art monument for the medieval period monk builders. Les Baux de Provence is another exceptional site, with a fortified village perched in the foothills of the Alpilles that dominates the Provencal countryside. Take a few hours to explore the narrow streets of the medieval village and the chateau with its incredible views. A stone’s throw away, the Carrières de Lumières offers mesmerizing scenes. Saint-Rémy-de-Provence is a charming stop-off before visiting Glanum, a famous archeological site of the ancient world, followed by the superb Royal Castle of Provence that awaits in Tarascon. Spend the evening in Avignon.

  • Distance : 66 km
  • Duration : 1h24

Day 6 - Avignon

The historic centre of Avignon is a magnificent labyrinth of lanes and buildings full of history, with cafés and terraces that invite you to wander through. Don’t miss Rue des Teinturiers punctuated with notable buildings. Among the many museums, Le Petit Palais will delight lovers of Italian painting and complete the visit of the monumental Palais des Papes. Behind the city, the Rhone taunts the remains of Pont d’Avignon, said Saint Benezet, and its banks offer pretty walks. Enjoy a relaxed evening in Avignon.

  • Distance : 12 km
  • Duration : 0h23

Day 7 - Avignon - Nimes

30 minutes from Avignon, looms Pont du Gard. 2,000 years ago, this remarkable Roman era aqueduct carried water between Uzès and Nimes. These two “cities of art and history” offer a superb finale to the trip. A succession of squares, lanes and beautifully preserved buildings, with its château le Duché, the centre of Uzès offers a real journey back in time. In Nîmes, the arena, Porte d’Auguste, the Maison Carrée and the Tour Magne all reveal ancient splendour. After that, take things easy with a glass on the terrace…

  • Distance : 73 km
  • Duration : 1h32

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