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©S. Sonnet/hemis.fr

Trouville-sur-Mer, le port.

France, Calvados (14), Pays d'Auge, Cabourg, le casino de Cabourg à droite, architecture de la Belle Epoque ©F. Guiziou/hemis.fr

©R. Mattes/hemis.fr

Pont-l'Evêque, Vaucelles, quartier ancien.

61. Camembert Calendriers 2014 Jean Lavigne ©Yves Talensac/Photononstop


Vieux bassin d'Honfleur ©PictureReflex/iStock

Vieux bassin d'Honfleur, France

The medieval church, l' Eglise St. Martin de Cricqueboeuf, Calvados, Normandy, France ©seewhatmitchsee/iStock

The medieval church, l' Eglise St. Martin de Cricqueboeuf

Bernay ©CSP_clodio/Fotosearch LBRF/age fotostock

ESY-015346765 - © - CSP_clodio

Deauville Beach Cabin in Normandy ©LuisPortugal/iStock

Deauville Beach Cabin

Pont-Audemer (Eure, Normany, France): typical half-timbered houses along a canal ©clodio/iStock

Pont-Audemer (Eure, Normany, France)


A week-long stay in Normandy

Between the Côte Fleurie and the Pays d'Auge

  • By the sea
  • Roadtrip

Over 200km over 7 days await you on this tour of Normandy.

The Côte Fleurie and its hinterland, the Pays d’Auge, are among the region’s musts. However, you will experience different forms of tourism. The pleasures of the sea and resort, embellished with sequins in Deauville, entertainment in Honfleur and calm in Cabourg. A gastronomic and rural journey in Pays d’Auge, dotted with half-timbered manor houses and orchards of cider apples. A wonderful schedule!

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Customize your trip

Honfleur Pont-l’Évêque

Day 1 - Honfleur

The discovery of the Old Basin, the Lieutenance and the astonishing Sainte Catherine Church will take up your morning.
In the afternoon, visit the Maisons de Satie and Naturospace to avoid the crowds that usually walk through old Honfleur’s streets during this time of day.
The heights of the Côte de Grâce also offer an alternative to the crush while revealing a magnificent view of the estuary.
This is a charming city for you to sleep.

MyTripTailor tip: early evening requires a drink on the terrace on the old port, to enjoy the last rays of the blazing sun.

  • Distance : 2,2 km
  • Duration : 0h8

Day 2 - Honfleur - Deauville

You leave Honfleur and head towards Trouville via Cricquebœuf and Villerville, two small and pleasant seaside resorts.
You will finish the morning on the Savigrac promenade in Trouville, where you can admire the villas that extend along the waterfront.
Lunch in the pretty Rue des Bains or along the Touques, Boulevard Fernand-Moureaux. By taking the Pont des Belges, you can be in Deauville for the coffee.
Once in Deauville, start with a stroll through the streets to find the most beautiful villas, before walking the boards alongside the beach.
Sleep overnight in Deauville.

MyTripTailor tip: peace lovers may prefer an excursion to Mont Canisy or, in July and August, a visit to the Calouste-Gulbenkian park to leave behind the lively resort crowds.

  • Distance : 16 km
  • Duration : 0h26

Day 3 - Deauville - Cabourg

Say goodbye to Deauville and head to Cabourg! The coastline has some surprises, such as the vision of the Vaches Noires (‘Black Cows’) in Villers-sur-Mer: cliffs with a well-established reputation.

Try to get yourself to Houlgate by the end of the morning: you will be able to stroll through the resort before enjoying a plate of seafood. A little laze on the beach and then the afternoon continues to Dives-sur-Mer, known for its beautiful 14th and 15th century medieval halls.

Your journey along the Côte Fleurie ends in the very quiet Cabourg where you can spend the night.

MyTripTailor Tip: Instead of sitting down, you can also do some shopping and picnicking at the beach.

  • Distance : 19 km
  • Duration : 0h34

Day 4 - Cabourg - Lisieux

Visit the pretty chapelle de Clermont-en-Auge and the charming village of Beuvron-en-Auge which offers a pleasant introduction to the discovery of the château de Crèvecœur-en-Auge, the architecture so typical of the Auge region.
After lunch in Cambremer, enjoy a stop in the Gardens of Pays d’Auge.
The day ends in Lisieux where a visit of the cathedral is essential.

MyTripTailor tip: don’t miss a visit to the basilica of Lisieux!

  • Distance : 41 km
  • Duration : 0h47

Day 5 - Lisieux - Bernay

In the morning, try a trip east to Cerza zoo, before visiting the pretty château de St-Germain-de-Livet and manoir de Coupesarte, south of Lisieux.

Vimoutiers, the town of Camembert, is essential for lunch. In the afternoon, make a detour west to discover the St-Michel-de-Crouttes Priory, ideal for a small post-lunch, rural and cultural stop-off. Next, take the road to Orbec, northeast, and then Bernay.

MyTripTailor advice: you can continue your gastronomic discovery of cheese in Camembert, further south.

  • Distance : 70 km
  • Duration : 1h19

Day 6 - Bernay - Pont-Audemer

Visit the abbey church, its basilica and its museum, before going to the château d’Harcourt, with its beautiful arboretum surroundings.

Have lunch in Brionne then devote early afternoon to the superb abbaye du Bec-Hellouin. Next, head further west where the hiking trails of Montfort-sur-Risle, Lieurey and Cormeilles offer a pleasant end to the day. Pont-Audemer is perfect for the evening.

MyTripTailor tip: time permitting, don’t miss the distillerie de Cormeilles.

  • Distance : 42 km
  • Duration : 0h49

Day 7 - Pont-Audemer - Pont-l’Évêque

Your last day in Normandy!

After admiring the stained glass windows of Saint-Ouen church in Pont-Audemer, the gastronomic journey in Pays d’Auge leads to Pont-l’Évêque. The visit of this beautiful town may make you wait for lunch which of course you will take in Pont-l’Evêque.
Next, head back to enjoy the charms of Honfleur one last time.

MyTripTailor advice: In Pont-l’Evêque, the family production of Calvados, cider and pommel by Christian Drouin has been recognised with almost 500 medals and diplomas of honour. A place that promises beautiful shopping!

  • Distance : 29 km
  • Duration : 0h33

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