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Trumpet on drum background ©Tzido/iStock

Trumpet on drum background

Musician Duo band playing the Trumpet with spot light and lens flare on the stage, musical concept ©Tzido/iStock

Musician Duo band playing the Trumpet with spot light and lens flare on the stage, musical concept

Ch‚teau de RegnÈville, ruined 14th century castle at RegnÈville-sur-Mer, Manche, Coutances, Normandy, France ©C. Philippe/ArTerra Picture Library/age fotostock

PLP-170630P046 - © - ClÈment Philippe

Young female traveler in yellow raincoat on the road to famous saint Michel island in France ©RossHelen/iStock

Tourist near saint Michel island in France

France, Manche, Cotentin, Granville, the Upper Town built on a rocky headland on the far eastern point of the Mont Saint Michel Bay, Notre Dame du Cap Lihou church ©R. Mattes/mauritius images/age fotostock

MBA-07429379 - © - Rene Mattes

2 personnes sur la plage ©Anthony SEJOURNE/iStock

Hauteville-sur-Mer Janvier

The wonderful cathedral at Coutance, France ©hstiver/iStock

Wonderful cathedral at Coutance in France

Jazz sous les Pommiers: 25 May - 1 June 2019

Music in Manche

Jazz sous les Pommiers (jazz under the apple trees), in Coutances in the Cotentin region, is one of the three largest jazz music festivals in France. And for good reason: the quality line-up features artists from all over the world – celebrities as well as unknown talents – and the streets of Coutances come to life with non-stop entertainment, all this in the friendliest of spirits. Experience Ascension week with music, and complete your stay in Manche with a visit of the surrounding area! Regneville-sur-Mer, Hauteville-sur-Mer, Granville,  Mont-Saint-Michel….there are plenty of interesting sites to see on the way back.

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MyTripTailor tip: as soon as festival tickets go on sale in March,  don’t delay in purchasing yours via the Jazz sous les Pommiers website.

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Customize your trip

Day 1 - Festival (Coutances)

Did you remember to bring your entrance ticket? Let’s kick off to the rhythm of brass instruments for a great first day of musical events that make Coutances resonate. As you wander between brass bands, concerts and entertaining shows, don’t forget to look up at the superb Gothic cathedral, or take a break in the Jardin des Plantes, a botanical garden which has retained its 17th century style.

  • Distance : 1,5 km

Day 2 - Festival (Coutances)

Second day at the festival! The rich line-up of Jazz sous les Pommiers means you can go along with your eyes closed on the day you arrive, as you will never be disappointed. But if you are looking for specific artists, find out more about the programme and adapt your holiday dates to coincide with the performances of your favourite musicians.

  • Distance : 1,5 km

Day 3 - Coutances - Granville

If two days of festival are enough for you, take advantage of the remaining days of the long Ascension weekend to explore the surrounding area of Coutances. The town being located by the sea, a trip to the beach is a must! Visit Régneville-sur-Mer to admire its castle overlooking the sea and its lime kilns, then go for a walk on the long beach of Hauteville-sur-Mer. Then make the drive to  Granville where you will spend the afternoon and stay for the night.

MyTripTailor tip: if the weather conditions compromise the seaside walk in Hauteville, you may prefer to visit the La Maillard fishery there. The visit lasts about 3 hours and tells the story of the fishermen from past to present.

  • Distance : 40 km

Day 4 - Granville - Mont-Saint-Michel

This last day will be both spectacular and cultural: a visit to Mont-Saint-Michel. You will arrive there after an hour’s drive from Granville. Plan the day to visit the Mount as well as crossing the Bay.

MyTripTailor advice: if you want to visit the bay, check the tide times beforehand to ensure you don’t get cut off by the sea

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