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Site de Château-Gaillard dominant la Seine et les Andelys.

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Impressionist Seine Valley

Walk in the footsteps of the great Impressionist artists from Giverny to Le Havre

  • Weekends
  • Romance

En route for an Impressionist excursion in the Seine Valley, whose light and landscapes inspired a whole of generation of artists from Monet and Courbet to Turner! Your trip kicks off at Giverny, whose fields of poppies and meandering River Seine will immerse you in 19th century landscapes. You will head to medieval Rouen, pausing to visit its abbey and Museum of Fine Art. The tour ends in the spectacular town of Le Havre, without of course forgetting its stunning countryside dotted with gems such as Honfleur.

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Giverny Le Havre/Honfleur

Day 1 - Giverny - Rouen

Like so many artists before you, we wager that you won’t be able to resist the peaceful charm of the village of Giverny either. The house and gardens of Claude Monet must be admired, before paying a visit to the Museum of Impressionisms. Admire the lily pond and woodland that so inspired Monet before driving towards Rouen, possibly stopping off on the way at Vernon or Andelys, some of the Seine Valley’s most outstanding sites, and home to the ruins of Château-Gaillard in particular.

  • Distance : 59 km
  • Duration : 1h8

Day 2 - Rouen - Le Havre / Honfleur

Get up bright and early to have time to make the most of Rouen, starting with the Bonsecours corniche road to admire the city whose cityscape bristles with church steeples. Don’t miss Notre Dame Cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic art and the Museum of Fine Art, where you will be able to see works by the “School of Rouen”. Then head off towards Le Havre, stopping on the way at Bouille for a gourmet lunch.

MyTripTailor advice : Follow one of the five “Impressionist Walks” signposted around Rouen

  • Distance : 95 km
  • Duration : 1h50

Day 3 - Le Havre/Honfleur - Le Havre/Honfleur

Explore Le Havre, whose city centre was entirely redesigned by architect Auguste Perret following WWII. Make sure you go via the north sea wall and marina, before popping into the Museum of Fine Art. Then drive towards the Abbey of Jumièges and Villers manor house, if you didn’t have time to see them the day before, finishing your trip at Honfleur. The historic Sainte Catherine district and its eponymous church are exquisite. Finally treat yourself to a musical excursion to the house of composer Erik Satie.

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