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Le plateau aride du Causse-Méjéan.

La grotte de Dargilan.

Le château de Peyrelade.

Les gorges du Tarn à Sainte-Énimie.

Le pont de Quézac.

Les gorges de la Jonte.

Le chaos rocheux de Montpellier-le-Vieux (porte de Mycènes).

Les stalagmites de l'Aven Armand.

Randonnée avec un âne, sur le chemin de Stevenson, Mont Lozère.


The Tarn Gorges and Mont Lozère

Dizzy heights and wonderful chasms

  • Nature & Discovery
  • Weekends

At the heart of the Cévennes National Park, the endlessly-changing waters of the Tarn, from its springs at the foot of Mont Lozère to its wild dash through the dizzying canyons. Here, gorges and great causses come together to make you teeter along steep ledges before you are engulfed in the faults and underground depths. Welcome to nature at its most grandiose, where time seems to stand still like the unassuming villages with their rocky walls and winding roads.

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Customize your trip

Le Pont-de-Montvert Millau

Day 1 - Le Pont-de-Montvert - Causse-Méjéan

The ecomuseum of the pretty village of Pont-de-Montvert guides you to Maison du Mont-Lozère, the starting point for ten thematic hiking trails. Head next towards Florac and Ispagnac to follow the Tarn Gorges by car via the D907BIS as far as Saint-Georges-de-Lévéjac. If the Cirque des Baumes can be enjoyed whilst hiking from Point Sublime to Pas de Soucy, the gorges can be discovered by canoe thanks to the many routes offered by Queyzac to the magnificent medieval village of Sainte-Enimie. Enjoy a stopover evening in the village of Causse-Méjéan.

  • Distance : 59 km
  • Duration : 1h16

Day 2 - Causse-Méjéan - Le Rozier

The sun burns early on the Causse-Méjéan plateau, where an exploration of its geological beauty is a must. After the wonderful stalagmites of Aven Armand, warm yourself on the surface in Meyrueis. Further south, the underground river of the Abyss of Bramabiau awaits. Alternatively, head east on the D996 to explore the spectacular Gorges de la Jonte, stopping off at the Dargilan Cave and its funicular. From the Chateau of Peyrelade, you look down over the Causse Noir. Aim to reach Peyreleau and Le Rozier by sunset.

  • Distance : 48 km
  • Duration : 1h12

Day 3 - Le Rozier - Millau

Among the many walks accessible from Le Rozier, don’t miss the site of the biggest blockfield in Europe, the Chaos of Montpellier-Le-Vieux. Doable on foot, by mini train or in a Tyrolean, it’s full of signposted trails to guide you to the most beautiful corners, including Porte de Mycènes. After a good picnic, head to Millau to visit its old town and its museum. To take a little height on this dizzying stay, leave the city via its famous viaduct.

  • Distance : 21 km
  • Duration : 0h26

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