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France, Manche (50), Mont-Saint-Michel, classé Patrimoine Mondial de l'UNESCO

France, Manche (50), Mont-Saint-Michel, classé Patrimoine Mondial de l'UNESCO


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From Granville to Mont Saint-Michel

Walk the bay along the English Channel

  • Weekends
  • By the sea

The best way to get acquainted with the iconic Mont-Saint-Michel is to take your time. This tour kicks off at Granville, which commands a fantastic view of the bay, progresses to Avranches, skirts the Channel seaboard to finally reach Mont-Saint-Michel. Cross the bay on horseback, on foot or by ultra-light plane and go up to the abbey to admire the ever-changing landscape as the light plays on the sea.

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Customize your trip

Granville Mont-Saint-Michel

Day 1 - Granville - Avranches

Before exploring Granville, encircled by ramparts, head to the Roc headland. Linked to the land by a narrow rocky isthmus, it closes Mont Saint-Michel Bay to the north. Highlights in the town include Christian Dior’s villa and the town centre aquarium. Next stop is Avranches along the coast road. It will be well-nigh impossible to resist stopping at the points of view along the way, so beautiful is the scenery.

MyTripTailor advice : Remember to enquire about the times of crossings to the Chausey Isles, well worth a trip.

  • Distance : 32 km
  • Duration : 0h47

Day 2 - Avranches - Mont-Saint-Michel

After a restful night in the picturesque town of Avranches, head towards the Jardin des Plantes for yet another heart-stopping view over Mont Saint-Michel Bay, before popping into the Scriptorial where the famous manuscripts of the Mont Saint-Michel are kept. On arriving at Mont-Saint-Michel, first pay a visit to the abbey, before stopping for a delicious crêpe.

MyTripTailor advice : If you have time, double back on your tracks to the magnificent cliffs of Champeaux.

  • Distance : 25 km
  • Duration : 0h35

Day 3 - Mont-Saint-Michel - Mont-Saint-Michel

It is well worth taking the time to explore the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel in depth. Several companies organise a wide range of excursions in the bay to acquaint you with some of its secrets: night walks, very high and low tide outings, introduction to shore fishing, theme rambles about the wildlife and plant life of the bay and horse-riding. However, the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel can also be admired from above and an ultra-light flight over the Mont at sunrise will leave you with unforgettable memories.

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