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France, Loiret (45), Vallée de la Loire classée Patrimoine Mondial de l' UNESCO, Sully-sur-Loire, château du XIVe/XVIIe siècles, mention obligatoire : Châteaux de Sully-sur-Loire, propriété du département du Loiret ©B. Rieger/hemis.fr

Carolingian Oratory, Germigny-des-PrÈs, Loire Valley, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Loire River, Loiret department, Centre region, France, Europe ©J.A. Moreno/age fotostock

N32-2725498 - © - JosÈ Antonio Moreno

France, Loiret (45), Vallée de la Loire classée Patrimoine Mondial de l' UNESCO, berges de la Loire près de Sully-sur-Loire ©Ph. Body/hemis.fr

Typical timbered house at Aubigny-sur-Nère, a commune at the boundary of natural regions of Sologne and Pays-Fort, in the former province of Berry, in the Cher department in the Centre region of France ©Musat/iStock

Typical house of Aubigny-sur-Nère

Briare, France, Bridge-canal intersection with Loire river ©DeepGreen/iStock

Briare canal

Saint-Benoit-sur-Loire, France - June 7, 2014: Fleury Abbey is a Benedictine abbey of Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire (department of Loiret in France), founded in 640. ©Mor65/iStock

Abbaye de Saint-Benoit-sur-Loire

“Les Heures Historiques” in Sully-sur-Loire: 18-19 May 2019

History and festivities on the banks of the Loire

“Les Heures Historiques” is a veritable homage to history that takes place every year by the Loire, in the park of the magnificent château of Sully-sur-Loire. The town celebrates the memory of the past in the company of over 1000 enthusiasts bedecked in outfits from throughout history, from Antiquity to the present day. With military camps, parades, shooting demonstrations, lectures, presentations in the arena, recitals and other events, prepare to take a sensational leap back in time. But that’s not all – make the most of your trip to the borders of Sologne and take a stroll along the banks of the Loire in pursuit of the other treasures of Loiret.

Book the accommodation for each stage of your trip now, and discover Sully and the surrounding region

MyTripTailor information: Entrance to “Les Heures Historiques” is free of charge.

You can of course take this bucolic and cultural tour outside the period of “Les Heures Historiques”.

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Customize your trip

Day 1 - Aubigny-sur-Nère - Sully-sur-Loire

If you have the option of making a long weekend of it, start your circuit on the Friday to get a glimpse of another side of Loiret before you go to the “Heures Historiques”. Head to Aubigny-sur-Nère, a small mediaeval town with timbered houses. Once ruled by the Scottish, it has conserved its 16th Century château from the period and a museum covering the history of the Stuarts in the town. Explore its winding streets, flowered gardens, church of St. Martin and the ruins of its fortifications. You can then see the Loire in Briare and spend the afternoon walking along the Briare towpath, by the water’s edge, or enjoy a boat trip down the river. Make sure you see the famous canal bridge in Briare, built by Gustave Eiffel. You can then head for the area surrounding Sully-sur-Loire and spend your evening there.

  • Distance : 71 km

Day 2 - Sully-sur-Loire - Heures Historiques

Start the day with a Party! Consult the programme to find out the times of the historical parades. The participants will enthusiastically tell you all about different periods in History as you wander from stand to stand. Enjoy the historical re-enactments and admire the motley assortment of costumes, from a Roman centurion to a nurse in the Great War via Vikings and the Napoleonic Army. Make sure you take a tour of the mediaeval market as well. In the evening, stay for the fireworks then spend the night in the Sully area.

  • Distance : 701 m

Day 3 - Sully-sur-Loire - Orléans

Spend a second day on the lawns of the château if your schedule allows it. Battles between knights, sword duels and military parades will continue your trip through time. You can also take your car and discover another facet of local culture during your stay. Your first port of call is Saint-Benoit-sur-Loire, from where you can head down the Loire until you reach the spectacular abbey in Fleury. This Roman basilica dating from the 11th Century houses the relics of St Benoît, and has a remarkable belltower with 12 arches. Then head for Germigny-des-Près, famed for its small but exceptional Carolingian oratory. The latter is a 9th Century masterpiece and houses a mosaic of the Ark of the Covenant restored in the 10th Century.  You can opt to spend the evening in Orléans and visit the centre of the city before setting off on your return journey in the morning.

  • Distance : 48 km

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