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Ponts-Couverts bridge La Petite France and Cathedral Strasbourg Alsace France.

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Cycling on the Alsace Wine Route

Explore the rolling hillsides of Alsace

  • Bicycling
  • Wine tour

Predominantly flat and dotted with picturesque villages, Alsace is ideal to explore by bicycle. As you pedal through some of the most beautiful villages of Alsace, and even of France, the bicycling path along the Alsace Wine Route will enable you to alternate between cultural visits, wine tastings and encounters with friendly locals. All of which at a relatively leisurely pace, because the route is planned on the basis of 35km/day. Ideal for family trips.

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Customize your trip

Strasbourg Mulhouse

Day 1 - Strasbourg - Obernai

After spending the night in Strasbourg and admiring the Petite France district and Notre-Dame Cathedral, you will set off to Marlenheim. From there, the route winds past vineyards and scenic villages. If you’re travelling with the family, stop at the picture postcard Molsheim. When you reach Obernai, make sure you tour the 12C ramparts.

MyTripTailor advice : More athletic cyclists will not be able to resist the challenge of Mont Sainte-Odile pass (alt. 761 metres).

  • Distance : 40 km
  • Duration : 4h0
  • Altitude + :171 m
  • Altitude - :137 m

Day 2 - Obernai - Orschwiller

Brush up on your knowledge of wine with local vintages. At the lovely hillside village of Mittelbergheim, (one of the Most Beautiful Villages of France), you will be able to quaff the delicious zotzenberg wine. Barr is famous for its gewurztraminer, but also produces excellent riesling and silvaner wines.

MyTripTailor advice : More athletic cyclists may want to have a bash at the climb to Haut-Kœnigsbourg castle (a 12C fortress perched on a rocky outcrop at an altitude of 800m).

  • Distance : 37 km
  • Duration : 3h20
  • Altitude + :205 m
  • Altitude - :175 m

Day 3 - Orschwiller - Turckheim

Alsace boasts several of the Most Beautiful Villages of France and this itinerary features a number of them, an excellent oportunity to taste the local vintages and visit wine cellars, among which Bergheim, famous for its medieval walls and imposing 14C gate, Ribeauvillé and its iconic main street that runs from one end to the other, Riquewihr, amazingly intact with cobbled streets and half-timbered houses, some of which date from the 13C . We recommend spending the night at Turckheim.

  • Distance : 25 km
  • Duration : 2h30
  • Altitude + :197 m
  • Altitude - :180 m

Day 4 - Turckheim - Guebwiller

Begin this stage of the journey in Colmar, the wine capital of Alsace and famous for its Little Venice neighbourhood and cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic art. Once back on the Wine Route, head towards Eguisheim, one of the Most Beautiful Villages of France and reputed to be where the history of Alsace wine begun back in Gallo-Roman times. Your tour of the Wine Route of Alsace ends at Guebwiller where you can spend the night.

MyTripTailor advice : Stop for lunch in Colmar, whose mastery of table arts borders on perfection.

  • Distance : 36 km
  • Duration : 3h20
  • Altitude + :228 m
  • Altitude - :189 m

Day 5 - Guebwiller - Mulhouse

Why not round off this tour with a spot of culture? Head to Mulhouse, famous for its major technological museums, pay a visit to the Cité du Train, whose impressive collection charts the history of railways from 1844 to the present day, to the Automobile Museum Schlumpf collection, the fruit of a textile magnate’s love of cars and to the outdoor Ecomuseum of Alsace, a 40-acre site home to houses dating from the 15 to the 19C.

MyTripTailor advice : From Mulhouse, a regional TER train will take you back to Strasbourg: 1hr trip, departures every 30mins.

  • Distance : 52 km
  • Duration : 4h10
  • Altitude + :248 m
  • Altitude - :210 m

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