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Fishing and yacht boats anchoring in Bastia port in summer season. This port connects Corsica with Italy and France mainland. ©pkazmierczak/iStock

BASTIA PORT, CORSICA ISLAND - JUL 4, 2015: colorful fishing boat in Bastia harbour on sunny summer day, Corsica island, France.

Piana, France – April 16, 2016. Magmatic vertical rocks of Calanques de Piana in Porto Bay of Corsica Island may be visited from Sea by means of Stand up paddle boarding, Corse-du-Sud ©Sasha64f/iStock

Stand up paddle boarding along rocks of Calanques de Piana

Ruins of the Genoese tower at Mortella with a turquoise mediterranean sea and rocky coastline of the Desert des Agriates near St Florent in Corsica with Cap Corse in the distance ©joningall/iStock

Genoese tower at Mortella near St Florent in Corsica

view to Girolata and peninsula La Scandola, France, Corsica, Girolata ©P. Royer/Blickwinkel/age fotostock

BWI-BS441432 - © - P. Royer

The fortress of Saint-Florent, La Citadelle, Cap Corse, Corsica, France, Europe ©J. Dauerer/imageBROKER/age fotostock

IBR-2324215 - © - Jörg Dauerer/imageBROKER

The town, citadel and harbour entrance at Bastia in northern Corsica ©joningall/iStock

The town, citadel and harbour at Bastia in Corsica

The Plage de la Roya near St. Florent in the Nebbio region of Corsica, France, Mediterranean, Europe ©E. Rooney/robertharding/age fotostock

RHA-149-6373 - © - Ellen Rooney

France, Haute-Corse (2B), Corte, la chapelle Sainte-Croix ©B. Rieger/hemis.fr

France, Haute-Corse (2B), Corte, la chapelle Sainte-Croix

Slow shutter image of the citadel and harbour entrance at Calvi in the Balagne region of Corsica with clear blue sky and smooth calm waters ©joningall/iStock

Citadel and harbour entrance at Calvi in Corsica

France, Haute-Corse (2B), Corte, musée de Corse, salle de l'espace du berger ©B. Rieger/hemis.fr

France, Haute-Corse (2B), Corte, musée de Corse, salle de l'espace du berger

Crossing Corsica, from Saint-Florent to Bastia

An unforgettable roadtrip between the ends of the island

  • By the sea
  • Roadtrip

This itinerary takes you right across Corsica! After a stop in Saint-Florent, the “Saint-Tropez” of the island, head down to Calvi along the coast. Walk the lanes of the citadelle or enjoy the beach, before proceeding to Porto, full of unforgettable countryside walks. Return to the region and city of Corte, “capital at the heart” of Corsica and where you can discover the soul of the island. Go down to the southern tip, Porto-Vecchio, for a lively evening, and head north to end your trip in Bastia.

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Customize your trip

Saint Florent Bastia

Day 1 - Saint Florent - Calvi

Arriving in Saint-Florent, wander through the winding lanes, lined with colorful houses, and the small Oleander flowered squares of the old town. Stop off at Place de la Porte, then go to the Genoese citadel to walk along its ramparts. Be sure not to miss the beautiful view of the waterside houses after the gate! End the afternoon on Roya beach or go directly to Calvi to enjoy the scenery as you walk along the coast.

  • Distance : 68 km
  • Duration : 1h23
  • Altitude + :361 m
  • Altitude - :1 m

Day 2 - Calvi - Porto

The “capital” of la Balagne and lobster fishing boasts beautiful beaches, lined with umbrella pines at the foot of large bays. Stroll along the streets and ramparts of the citadel during the hottest hours for a journey through time! Don’t miss Place Christophe Colomb and St. Jeane Baptiste Cathedral, before taking the road to Porto. Marked by its Genoese tower, a beautiful monument of pink granite, this resort is ideal for ending the day in style on a beautiful café or restaurant terrace.

  • Distance : 75 km
  • Duration : 1h43

Day 3 - Porto - Corte

Don’t leave Porto without an excursion to the Gulf, the Calanques de Piana or the Scandola Nature Reserve. Lovers of long walks in nature, interspersed with swimming and small villages of character, won’t be disappointed. Next, take the car and drive inland towards Corte, the capital at the “heart” of Corsica. Enjoy your evening with a stroll through the upper town or parc de l’hôtel de ville. Many cafes and restaurants are also in the citadel.

  • Distance : 83 km
  • Duration : 1h59

Day 4 - Corte - Porto Vecchio

Visit the Museum of Corsica for a better understanding of the island and its inhabitants. If you prefer a stroll through the town, don’t miss the Holy Sainte-Croix Chapel, where you can admire the Baroque altarpiece. Take the car back and head south to Porto Vecchio. Dominated by its citadel, the third city of Corsica enjoys a festive atmosphere in season. Take a stroll for the sunset and spend a lively evening in the resort’s many bars and restaurants or on the beach.

  • Distance : 119 km
  • Duration : 1h50

Day 5 - Porto Vecchio - Bastia

Admire the historical remains of Porto-Vecchio, the elegant bell tower of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church, the chapel opposite, and the ancient Genoese fortifications. Treat yourself to a swim on the southern beaches before heading back to Bastia. Cross the entire island, along the coast, to the city with slate roofs. Stroll through the maze of tight, busy streets of Terra Vecchia, the old town and enjoy the lively atmosphere of Place Saint-Nicolas or Place du Marché!

  • Distance : 144 km
  • Duration : 2h17

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