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Futuroscope, image and sound theme park. Poitiers. Vienne, Poitou-Charentes, France ©J. Larrea/age fotostock

B20-382976 - © - Javier Larrea

France, Indre et Loire, Amboise castle in the Loire valley ©A. Jocard/AFP Creative/Photononstop


Evening sunlight on Chateau Chenonceau and River Cher Indre-et-Loire Centre France ©B. Jannsen/age fotostock


Sunset view on the old town with saint Croix cathedral in Orleans city in France ©RossHelen/iStock

Orleans city in France

A view of the houses and rivers of the Marais Poitevin in France ©Mike_Boyland/iStock

Marais Poitevin

Vieux port de La Rochelle ©PictureReflex/iStock

Vieux port de La Rochelle, France


Château de Chambord

IN *37 Tours, vieux Tours,  place Plumereau ©N. Thibaut/Photononstop


Around Futuroscope, a journey through time

Head in the stars...From Orléans to La Rochelle

  • With the family
  • Culture & Heritage

Head in the stars... Follow those of the royal ermine along the roads of the Loire, those experienced by Thomas Pesquet at Futuroscope and those followed by the sailors leaving the port of La Rochelle, for a journey through the ages and the universe; The worlds of yesterday, today and tomorrow gathered in a tour rich in sensations!
Taking in a wide range of major sites from the châteaux of the Loire, to Futuroscope, the Marais Poitevin and the city of La Rochelle, you are invited to make a dizzying jump in time.

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Customize your trip

Orléans La Rochelle

Day 1 - Orléans - Tours

Setting off from Orléans, the medieval town that guards the memory of Joan of Arc, spend a day following in the footsteps of King François I. A symbol of the French Renaissance, Château de Chambord is a monument to the extraordinary architecture built in the heart of the large game-rich forests so near and dear to the sovereign. After lunch, follow the course of the Loire and the Court of King François to Château d’Amboise, his childhood home, beside which he set up the great Leonardo da Vinci. Be sure to visit and explore Clos Lucé, the Amboise residence of the Italian genius. Continue on your way to get to Tours by late afternoon.

  • Distance : 117 km
  • Duration : 2h7

Day 2 - Tours - Futuroscope

In the words of Alfred de Vigny, the “Flower of the Beautiful Touraine". A region of vineyards, Tours is one of those French cities in which life is wonderful. Stroll through its old centre’s history-laden lanes, through the quarter housing the beautiful Gothic cathedral of Saint-Gatien with its flamboyant façade, without missing its gardens, its charming mansions and the Palais des Archevêques (‘Archbishop's Palace’) containing the Museum of Fine Arts. Next, take the road to visit the Château de Chenonceau. The feminine touch of this Renaissance architecture is ever refined, this astonishing castle has seen a long succession of women at its head including queens and mistresses of kings. Head to Futuroscope to spend the night.

  • Distance : 94 km
  • Duration : 1h45

Day 3 - Futuroscope discovery

A few dozen kilometres separate the châteaux of the Loire, palatial symbols of the history of France, from the Futuroscope, a breathtaking demonstration of modernity. Whilst the former relates to yesterday, the latter announces tomorrow. Entering the park, you will be amazed by the genius of science, the progress of technology, the advances in knowledge and above all, the realms of human imagination. You will learn how the cosmic system was gradually set in place, through incredible images you will follow the details of the life so fine that only the development of advanced technologies will help us to understand them. You will see the unseen, elements too infinitely small to be captured by the human eye or these surprising wonders of nature. Follow the adventures of the Minimoys, the heroes of the Ice Age or the course of the Vienne through sensory overload attractions. In short, be prepared, you are about to enter an amazing world.

  • Distance : 1,2 km
  • Duration : 0h3

Day 4 - Futuroscope discovery - Marais Poitevin

After your immersion in the past and the future over the last few days, treat yourself to a rural step out of time. There’s nothing like a peaceful walk in the heart of Marais Poitevin to get your feet back on the ground, or rather in the water. Begin with Coulon, capital of the "Green Venice", listed as one of the most Beautiful Villages in France, and then head to the pier at the Port of Montfaucon. From here you can board one of the rowing boats and cruise the marsh. An environment of amazing biodiversity that acts as one of the lungs of the Vendée, the Marais Poitevin is a sacred area for nature lovers. Turning through this tangle of waterways, shaped by the alliance of man and nature, you may even get a chance to see the shy otter of Europe….

  • Distance : 147 km
  • Duration : 2h32

Day 5 - Niort Marais Poitevin - La Rochelle

You leave this little haven of water to spend the day in La Rochelle. You will be enthralled by its old centre, its Tour de la Lanterne from where you get a breathtaking view of the rooftops of the old town, and its beautiful old port, guarded by two medieval towers which have attracted so many artists. Don’t miss the famous aquarium of La Rochelle for a discovery of life below the sea that will delight all generations.
Your journey through time is about to end.
Why not extend your stay to enjoy the riches of the Charente Maritime coastline and, in particular, take a trip to Ile de Ré or Rochefort before making your return journey.

  • Distance : 49 km
  • Duration : 0h55

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