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Roadbook MyTripTailor Mobile App

What does the app do?

Page accueil App Roadbook MyTripTailor

It stores all the details of trips that you have booked, whether it's previous booking details, tourist information or restaurants you have shown interest in for a future destination, and most importantly, it has a step-by-step navigation function which even works offline. The perfect tool to guide you on your hiking or cycling trip!

BEFORE SETTING OFF - How can I get MyTripTailor travel app?

Conditions :

  • The app is free.
  • First of all, you need to make sure that the route you want to go on exists on the mobile app.
  • Routes available on the app are marked by this icon: App Roadbook MyTripTailor

Steps :

  • When the online payment for your MyTripTailor trip has been processed, you will receive an email with a link which will redirect you to the app and give you your login details.
  • Download the app on your smartphone Apple Store Play Store
  • Type in your login details as shown in the MyTripTailor confirmation email
  • You will be able to view your itinerary and you will find all the information about your trip in the app.

ON YOUR WAY - What is included in the MyTripTailor app?

You can completely personalise the app. It saves the details of a particular trip - your own trip - with your bookings and any other details you have chosen to include.
You will find :

  • The journey and the plan for each day of the trip.
  • Information pages on all points of interest that you added to your personalised guide when you made your booking.
  • Information pages about the restaurants you chose when you made your booking.
  • The pages of every establishment you have booked and paid for on the MyTripTailor website
  • A GPS navigation system which works offline and guides you step-by-step throughout your trip

Carte du Voyage Descriptif de l'étape Carte de l'étape

ON YOUR WAY - How does the app actually work?

  • Log in to your account. Go to the main menu and then first sidebar- Your Trip.
  • Select your first step. If you need help getting to the starting point of your hike, click on this icon bouton aller à
  • Once you’re at the starting point, click on this icon Bouton play to activate navigation and start walking to calibrate geo-tracking. You will hear a "bleep" when your navigation is correctly activated.
Off you go!

Page accueil App Roadbook MyTripTailor


Go to the menu in the app. You will find three main options :

  • Your trip. Here you can view each step of your of your route, day by day ; Every step of the way you’ll be able to find the accommodation you’ve reserved, the outline of the route and possible activities, as well as the details of the day. Click on Bouton Playto start navigation for that particular stage of the route and zoom into points of interest on the way. The icon Bouton Aller à will guide you all the way back to your starting point.
  • The map of your route. Here you can view the overall map of your itinerary. You can also find the detailed outline of each individual step here by clicking on the numbered markers.
  • The practical side. Here you can find detailed information about the overall itinerary, a description and other practical and safety information you should know.
In the main menu, you’ll find these three options and you also have access to your account settings here. Adjust the volume, the connection and standby settings, error alerts if you’ve strayed from the route and even the vocal navigation instruction settings.


  • Offline GPS navigation system. You can use the app without any connexion.
  • Alerts when you stray from the suggested route. You will both hear and see these alerts, and they are triggered when you stray from the suggested route for the current step. You'll never get lost again!
  • Points of interest: these are marked points on your itinerary. These markings can mean one of two things : Sometimes they are for vocal directions which can help guide you at every crossroads. For example, "turn right here". They can also stand for tourism points of interest which will give you information about the places you are passing through. These notifications are sent when you get close to the point of interest.
  • Partners. These are MyTripTailor's partner tourism professionals who will accompany you on every step of your journey. Click on the different partners to view a description.
  • Battery. It’s always a good idea to take a portable charger with you for your smartphone. Save battery by putting your phone in flight mode once your route has been downloaded.
  • Voice navigation. This will help warn you of changes in direction without having to check your smartphone. Cyclists should be careful, however, as it’s not permitted to use headphones whilst cycling.
  • Warning beacons. Use these to send your GPS coordinates to the emergency services in case of an emergency, even when you’re offline.


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